Monthly Archives: December 2008

A Thriving Modernism

Mike gets the low down from Seattle architect Wendell Lovett. You can buy his book ‘A Thriving Modernism’ here. Note Wendell’s chair, a design he made in the 60’s. You can purchase them directly from him. Super niche modernist classic, comfortable too.

Southlands Shoot

Mike gets a hand from our pal Dave in setting up this shot. Excellent example of a restoration job on a 1950s TBP classic.

Erickson’s Hwang House For Sale

Arthur Erickson designed ‘Hwang’ House from 1982 hits the market in Vancouver. The sign of a master architect can be linked to the work they did at the height of post modernism. View my full Flickr set here.

Binning House Future

Despite the rampant development of the monster homes that surround this 1941 West Vancouver design gem, the Binning House has been claimed by the Land Conservancy of British Columbia. You can read about it here and donate to ensure it’s future. There’s a recent book on Binning with a forward by Arthur Erickson here.