Monthly Archives: October 2009

Bombast Vancouver

Had another incredible interview session with Vancouver furniture maverick Russell Baker at Bombast Furniture in Vancouver. The man is always 7 steps ahead of the curve. If you’re in Vancouver, check out his excellent retail space next to Ming Wo on the edge of Vancouver’s Chinatown. His art collection is worth the trip alone.

Gordon Smith House II

What can we say, we managed to visit Gordon in his Erickson masterpiece in West Vancouver. What an incredible design on a magnificent lot. Gordon has had to paint the house much to Erickson’s chagrin in order to preserve the cedar. We love the original cedar of course but this green is actually quite excellent. If anyone could mix an appropriate colour to paint this house it’s Gordon Smith!

Arthur Erickson & Japan

This will be good, Journeys East—Arthur Erickson & Japan. Get the full story on Arthur Erickson’s years spent in Japan. Any architecture and design schools out there should snap up the bargain student price before they sell out. The AEC always put on solid events in the name of preservation and education.