Gordon Smith House II

What can we say, we managed to visit Gordon in his Erickson masterpiece in West Vancouver. What an incredible design on a magnificent lot. Gordon has had to paint the house much to Erickson’s chagrin in order to preserve the cedar. We love the original cedar of course but this green is actually quite excellent. If anyone could mix an appropriate colour to paint this house it’s Gordon Smith!

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  1. david kominek

    Arthur never fails to impress. I think his post and beam homes were some of his best works.

  2. Justyn Norek

    First time
    I have seen photos of this ARTWORK was 1977.
    I loved it and wrote letter to Arthur wirh much appreciation and ask for info, stating it’s inspiring me for my design work. I have got kind reply and many photos….such kindness. I was living at that time in Poland.
    Now after all those years that passed, I have seen it again an love it even more ! I see also how it has influenced my car design.
    Thank you Arthur, very generous….
    Best regards,

    Mr Justyn Norek,
    Car Designer,
    Turin, ITALY

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