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Berkeley based architect Henrik Bull gave us a great interview along with a fantastic picnic lunch in his incredible garden/forest. We had a great time with Henrik and look forward to hanging out again. Henrik is responsible for some Northern Californian modernist gems along side some of the best mountain chalets in North America. Henrik was also one of the pioneers of the A-Frame concept. This man deserves a medal! Henrik, lunch is on us next time! After lunch he got out the map and pointed us toward some friends in an Eichler community, so much fun. Henrik is also featured in Pierluigi Serraino’s NorCalMod book. A great window into the world of Bay Area modernism.





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  1. Henrik and barbara bull

    I got your card and am looking forward to seeing your final film — good luck on completing it for the summer of 2009! Thanks for the kind words above.
    I spoke with Pierluigi Serraino yesterday — always interesting.

    Did I ask whether you knew James K. M. Cheng? He worked for us right after he graduated from U. Washington, and before Arthur Erickson and Harvard. He had also worked for Fred Basseti (is he still alive?) Jim also came back to our office for a month and helped us win the competition for the proposed new Capital City of Alaska in 1978. It was to be located just beyond Wasilla, made famous by a recent US VP camdidate. — Say hello to Jim if you talk to him — a great guy and the most talented young architect to ever come through our office. He showed me through the Shangri La sales office the last time I was in Vancouver. — Also say hello to Barry Downs, another great guy.

    Let me know when you come to our area again. Till then, Henrik

  2. admin

    Henrik, great to hear from you! Will keep you posted on the film and will call you when we’re back down your way. Please let us know when you are in Vancouver! We’d love to take you and Barry Downs out for drinks. Speak to you soon, Gavin

  3. admin


    Fred Basetti is still alive. We had lunch with him on his house boat in Seattle. He’s quite a guy and showed us some real beauty in Seattle. We’re also trying to set up a shoot and the Paul Hayden Kirk designed Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island.


  4. Marshall

    Henrik Bull designed my family’s home in Woodside, CA back in 1964 I believe. Though it was so many years ago, and I was just a boy, the house’s design still resonates with me to this day.

    Unfortunately, subsequent owners have not been as kind to the property (55 Skywood Way)– it now has been renovated to resemble some kind of Japanese structure, and it looks like some of those original lines have been lost. Hrmph. Sigh.

  5. Alexandra Duer-Farr

    Dear Mr. Bull, It is wonderful to see what a vibrant and excellent career you have had over the years. I am so impressed. I have been thinking of Nina and your family lately and have been wondering how all of you are. I tried to find Nina over the years via facebook, etc. but have resorted now to google. Could you please send me her details? Also thank you again for how kind you were to me when I was a teenager and visited you in California. I have never forgotten. Kind wishes, Alexandra

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