Fred T. Hollingsworth AIBC

What can we say about Vancouver modernist Fred Thornton Hollingsworth? The man is a delight and a treasure to us here in British Columbia. You can pick up his book ‘Living Spaces’ online. A great addition for your coffee table. Fred showed us a design he’s working on that he was drawing with a brush! This man is talented and he was so humble. He was more interested in talking about the environment and the state of the world than his architecture. We were in awe of his house which felt so expansive, filled with natural light but weighs in at a meager 900 square feet! Nice work Fred.

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  1. Steve McGuffie

    I walk past Fred’s house all the time, and I’m often tempted to knock on the door and tell him how much I admire his work… maybe one of these days.


  2. admin

    You should write him a letter and leave it in his mailbox! He’s so modest about his work and keeps pushing his son’s work over his. His house is one of our faves and clocks in at a meager 900 sq feet! He’s a genius.

  3. Robert Crowe

    My favorite of the local mid-century architects. No disrespect to Thom and Erickson, but Fred’s work is so often overlooked and it’s sad. Hope to own one of his homes in the future.

    Robert Crowe

  4. mikeb

    Robert – agreed.. Fred did some sublime work. The appreciation seems to be there – even if it is more subdued than that for Thom and Erickson. The other thing that struck me about Fred was how concerned he was about our situation environmentally. In fact he wanted to talk more about the planet than about architecture when we interviewed him.

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