John Entenza House

John Entenza’s original 850 square foot home designed by Harwell H. Harris in 1937 in Santa Monica. What a beautiful little house. The alcove in the car port used to have an outdoor shower where Entenza would shower after a dip in the cool Pacific. Entenza would walk up from the beach, shower off and continue into the house—Talk about indoor outdoor living. This house is also the birthplace of the much respected Case Study Program engineered by John Entenza in 1945. Architect Michael Folonis featured in our film who restored the house, spoke with Lucia Eames at length about Entenza and Charles & Ray Eames sitting on the floor of this house hatching the Case Study House program through his magazine in the early 1940s. These guys were truly living large in 850 square feet.

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    Crate Home, created by Allan Wexler in 1990, is a residence in an 8-toes cube and four
    crates. This residence examines our present lives as if historic.

    Each and every crate has its very own purpose and is therfore isolated and examined: kitchen, toilet, living place and bedroom.
    When a single perform is required that crate is
    rolled inside the core. At evening the total property gets to be a bedroom and when the
    occupant is hungry the entire home gets to be a kitchen.
    The standard routines are pared down to crucial artifacts essential and desired.
    Isolated they are sculpture, their use becomes theater.
    As Wexler clarifies: He’s much more fascinated in the distress and he would like to try to make people believe twice, to
    restate, to stand again, as effectively as to seem intently.

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