Coast Modern Trailer on Vimeo

Coast Modern Film Trailer from Coast Modern on Vimeo.

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  1. Dave

    Hello Mike and Gavin,

    I discovered your trailer for the Coast Modern documentary that you’re creating, it looks great, and I was wondering when and where it will be possible to see the finished film?

    Also, I run a website about contemporary design, and a few days ago I featured the preview video on our site:

    Our website has about ten thousand visitors a day, a lot of them are architects, because we feature a lot of contemporary architecture, so there will likely be other people also wondering when and where they can see the finished film.

  2. Jason

    Hah. I came here because I’m curious how I can see the doc!?

  3. admin

    Aiming for a Fall release. Cheers

  4. Jonathan

    Will this movie be provided with closed captioning?

  5. admin

    Yes, we will be close-captioning the film.

  6. Milen

    I don’t get it, why have you linked your website to Greyboy’s?

    Your documentary does looks very interesting, will it be a web release?

  7. Ian

    Film sounds interesting and cool. How do I get access to the trailer?

  8. Sean

    From the comments above it seems the film didn’t make the hoped-for Fall ’09 release. Is there an updated anticipated release date?


  9. gfroome

    Things got pushed back on account of our subjects schedules, we’re back on track and busy in the edit suite. Stay tuned.

  10. Bear

    What a joy to find such clear tikhnnig. Thanks for posting!

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