Vancouver Premiere

Coast Modern World Premiere at DOXA Film Fest Tuesday May 8 | 7:00 PM | Vancity Theatre Online tickets available through

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  1. Anne Farrer

    Hey Gavin/ Congrats on getting the film completed! Unfortunately I just found out about the screening, and tkts seem to be sold out everywhere, so I won’t be able to see the big reveal. I’ll try on the day of…
    Cheers, Anne

  2. gfroome

    Thanks Anne! We’re hoping to do our own screening this Spring as so many friends weren’t able to get tickets in time. Stay tuned.

  3. Anne Farrer

    awsm. Best of luck on the big reveal. Nervous or excited?

  4. gfroome

    Exhausted and excited.

  5. David McIntyre

    Congrats on completing the picture and setting up the premiere. When will folks outside Vancouver get to see the film? I’m in the LA area and looking forward to our chance.

  6. gfroome

    Thank you David, we’re currently working on world domination! New Zealand up next. Stay tuned to our site and Twitter etc for announcements and goodies. Going to be a great year!

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