Montreal Aug 24- Sept 3

4 shows added August 31 – Sept 3 starting tonight at 7:30 PM. Check the Cimema du Parc for details.

We’ll be screening four shows at Cinéma du Parc in Montreal this month and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Montreal has contributed so much in the fields of Canadian art, architecture and design and we are humbled to be screening there. When we first started shooting Coast Modern, we met Abe Rogatnick in Vancouver who had the most incredible art collection we had ever seen. One piece stood out to us and it was an original from Montreal artist Claude Tousignant. This little thread seems to connect our film with Montreal in a way that is hard to describe. Vancouver’s Arthur Erickson studied architecture at McGill in Montreal as well. All the artists and architects of that period were really trying to make the world beautiful. We look forward to sharing our film with the people of Montréal.

Original Claude Tousignant from an early Coast Modern shoot at Abe Rogatnicks’ home.

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  1. Lyse Gelinas

    Will there be others screening dates? Your screening is at the same time as the World Film Festival of Montreal! Will it be available on DVD soon?

  2. gfroome

    DVD’s will be available in the near future, right now it’s about festivals and theatricals. You’re going to have to make some tough film decisions!

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