Coast Modern DVDs

The acclaimed documentary Coast Modern has now been released on DVD. Relax into this journey through three generations of Modernist Architecture, and find the beauty in your own times – all over again.

This exquisitely designed (and carbon neutrally printed) DVD package includes the feature length film, bonus features, director commentary, plus stills from the making of the film – all for the retail price of $30 CDN plus shipping. The DVD is encoded with Region 0, and is viewable worldwide. Purchase your copy here.

Also available for rent or purchase in the iTunes store.


8 Responses to “Coast Modern DVDs”

  1. jonathan

    i have purchased this DVD online but have received no confirmation of the purchase from coast modern

  2. gfroome

    How about now?

  3. rafael

    Any chance we could get a blu-ray edition? Just saying, beautiful imagery, deserves max resolution….best!

  4. Design teacher

    Hi! Does the DVD have swedish subtitles, and do you ship to Europe?

  5. gfroome

    No Swedish sub titles but we do ship internationally. Thanks!

  6. Deborah Shepard

    I would like to buy a copy of this DVD Coast Modern, please. Thank you,
    Deborah Shepard

  7. Kerrie Redgate

    I bought this DVD set several years ago, and it has been such a good investment for me. I’ve watched both DVDs many, many times, and continue to find it inspiring. Not only the architecture itself, but also the music, the heartfelt depth of the commentaries from the architects, the generally peaceful mood of the documentary throughout. It’s almost like a meditation. Wonderful houses and landscapes. It inspired me to leave Sydney and head north to Queensland where I found an architect designed apartment with beautiful wooden floors, modern wooden cabinetry, glass walls, and fabulous trees hanging over my courtyard—and less expensive than Sydney! “Quality of life” is what this documentary exudes for us. It is so easy to forget this basic premise for living. Many thanks to all who participated in the very fine project!

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