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Understated Coast Modern stunner designed by BUILD. Michael C. Place and his keen sense of detail, proportion and colour puts Pantone PMS 806 to work. Spanning the coast from Vancouver to Los Angeles, this slice of design heaven will jump off any wall. Printed masterfully in Vancouver on 100lb Topkote by our friends at Metropolitan Printers, this one won’t last long. Both posters are available in our web shop. Also check Build’s excellent blog.

Limited to 100 prints.

33 1/8″ x 23 7/16″

Buy now.

56 Responses to “BUILD Poster”

  1. Aaron Pou

    I want one!

    Let me know when its available!


  2. mikeb

    we should have the shop up soon so we will drop you an email…

  3. agus bong

    can I order one please

  4. Jennifer Kennard

    I’m interested in the price of the Coast Modern poster, and looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    Jennifer K

  5. Melissa

    This is beautiful- a simple, striking reminder of the continuity of a world unmarked by human beings. Please email me when posters are available for purchase.

  6. gfroome

    If you’re in Vancouver and can’t wait, there are 5 copies up at Vancouver Special on Main Street.

    3612 MAIN STREET
    V5V 3N5 CANADA
    T 604.568.3673

  7. JP

    Please email me when these prints are available online! They are beautifully done.
    Thank you!

  8. Hailey

    This poster rocks! Please let me know when it is available.

  9. Iris

    This is stunning! i would love to get a copy of this. Please let me know when it is up in the online shop. including a link to it. please! thank you!

  10. Julia

    This is fabulous! That is my color! Do let us know when they are available.

    Very nicely done.

  11. Ryan C

    Mmm Wcoast – Put me on the list!

  12. evan

    i’m in! please let me know!

  13. wobbles

    west coast is the best coast

  14. Tyler Martiné

    Just another fan who wants to buy one of your fab BUILD posters. Please do let us knwo when we can snatch them up!

  15. David

    Pleeease e-mail me when this poster is available! Thank you very much!

  16. Sean

    I need this in my bedroom!

  17. Lisa

    Would love to be notified when this comes available.

  18. jessicav

    i love it! i need one

  19. tasa

    I would love one of these – please let me know when they’re available for purchase!

  20. Chris Wilson

    Great poster. And great looking film. Please keep me updated as to when the poster is available to buy. Thanks.

  21. Jessica

    Please let me know when the posters are available for sale! Thanks.

  22. Kumiko

    This is beautiful!

  23. Tanner Irwin

    MCP is not human. I must have one. Please contact as soon as they are available

  24. Marki

    Please let me know when these are for sale! I love the design.

  25. olivia

    How do I order???

  26. goaheadschute

    You have a definite fan in LA! so can I please be added to the email list too.

  27. gfroome

    Friends, you are all on the list. We’re almost ready.

    -Gavin & Mike

  28. MW Sanchez

    Great work!…please mail me when the poster is available to buy.

  29. Will

    let me know when I can get one!

  30. richard

    love the poster, can you please tell me when its available!

  31. ehranholm

    ….. does Vancouver Island not exist? What about Saltspring Island, and the rest of the Gulf Islands? I am surprised that the team didn’t think it was necessary to include these, the architects that are included in this film were very prevalent on the islands. It would be nice if you had represented their presence on those islands…..

  32. David

    me like. me want.

  33. colin

    please let me know when i can buy one of these.

  34. Louis

    I would love to buy a poster! Please email me when they become available (if there are still any left).

  35. glenn

    love the poster from build…let me know when its available to buy…

  36. Samantha Culp

    Please add me to the mailinglist as well!

  37. Jason

    First comment in May hope I didn’t miss out on the poster. sign me up.

  38. Ben

    Sign me up, definitely want one of these gorgeous babies.

  39. gfroome

    Hey ehranholm, I wouldn’t take the map poster too literally, it’s an artist’s interpretation. We are including houses on the Gulf Islands and architects that practiced on Vancouver Island—we’ve also connected with legendary modernist photographer John Fulker on Saltspring but we simply can’t include everyone or every area! There are also some amazing homes in the Interior. Perhaps we need to think about a sequel…

  40. Justin

    Seems to me that there are tons of immensely talented west coast designers who could have done a more locally-sensitive, appropriate, intelligent poster. What does Build, from London, have to do with this film? So he did work for the Gary Huswitt design films? So what? If anything, change it up, keep it fresh. Let’s not import the insular, nepotistic American design-industry “star system” approach to Canada. Wrong Place.

  41. Chad Burt

    I’m with ehranholm. Excluding islands along the coast makes this a lot less interesting to me.

  42. mikeb

    justin. we started this project three years ago with a borrowed camera and some severely sagging credit cards. so now when people like JDK or Michael C. Place want to contribute, we are happy to have them on board. the money from these posters will let us finish the film properly and license music from some great artists – maybe they will all be west coast artists, maybe they won’t. the response to this poster as you can see, has been tremendous so at this point we are nothing but grateful. there is also the blue JDK ( Portland, Burlington ) poster which fits the bill as ‘more locally-sensitive, appropriate, intelligent’. could we sign you up for one of those ?

  43. Naomi

    Hopefully I didn’t miss out on this amazing print. Please email me when available! Thx!

  44. Sean

    I’m in need of one too!

  45. Mary Watson

    What great news….
    When can we can some to sell?

  46. brian

    amazing poster but you killed my wanting one – why on EARTH would you stop at los angeles with so many incredible properties/projects in Laguna Beach, Encinitas, Leucadia, Del Mar, La Jolla and Point Loma? Odd.

  47. gfroome

    We had to draw the line somewhere and one of the original motivations for the film was the fact that Richard Neutra (LA) used to stay in Vancouver (Our home) and hold architecture salons with the post war generation of local architects. Of course there are incredible houses further up and down the coast into Mexico and Alaska but this was an artists interpretation of the film at the time. You could add San Diego with a Sharpie!


  48. JenG

    Hello. I’m just learning about your movie and this beautiful poster now. Any idea where I can find the poster. Love it!

  49. Cindy

    Will you be making anymore of these? I would love to have one!

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