Barbara Bestor FAIA

The first lady of Silverlake, our favourite Barbara Bestor. What a gal, such a talented designer fully connected to Silverlake’s arts community, this architect is an inspiration. Barbara showed us Silverlake’s hidden treasures and took us to a number of houses she’s designed. Grab a copy of her book Bohemian Modern if you haven’t already. The world can learn from Barbara Bestor.

Henrik Bull FAIA

Berkeley based architect Henrik Bull gave us a great interview along with a fantastic picnic lunch in his incredible garden/forest. We had a great time with Henrik and look forward to hanging out again. Henrik is responsible for some Northern Californian modernist gems along side some of the best mountain chalets in North America. Henrik was also one of the pioneers of the A-Frame concept. This man deserves a medal! Henrik, lunch is on us next time! After lunch he got out the map and pointed us toward some friends in an Eichler community, so much fun. Henrik is also featured in Pierluigi Serraino’s NorCalMod book. A great window into the world of Bay Area modernism.





DJ Greyboy – Opdahl House

Long Beach based music producer DJ Greyboy showed us his excellent restoration of his Edward Killingsworth design. Greyboy managed to work with the legendary architect on the restoration of the house and the magic is in the attention to details. The transition from the street to the living room have profound effect on you when you enter the house. Killingsworth achieved this on a standard city lot. Respect to Edward Killingsworth for designing it and respect to Greyboy for bringing it back to it’s original state. Read about the restoration here and check Greyboy’s site here.

Donald Olsen FAIA

Had the pleasure of meeting Bay area legend Donald Olsen and his charming art director wife Helen Olsen in Berkeley. Donald designed their house and the house next door, a microcosm of purist modernist ideals surrounded by the lush foliage of the Berkeley Hills. Fantastic visit and a great couple.

Michael Folonis FAIA

Santa Monica architect Michael Folonis took us around LA and showed us some of his fine work and some fantastic restoration projects. He’s LA’s contemporary architect that understands where modernism came from and where it’s going. He gave us a great interview with huge insight into LA’s modernist past present and future. He took us for a fantastic lunch in Venice and we’re eager to spend more time with him soon. Check his web site here.

Julius Shulman – Visual Acoustics

New documentary about Julius Shulman has been released. We’ve had the privelage of hanging out with Julius a number of times now, the man’s house and studio are truly sublime and he’s always a blast.

The Ace Hotel

The Ace always delivers on understated hospitality. We stayed here during our first CoMo trip to Seattle. Drank a little coffee, hit a few golf balls, interviewed some modernist legends. We may have even stayed out late in Ballard and listened to southern indie bands and drank bourbon all night, who knows?

A Thriving Modernism

Mike gets the low down from Seattle architect Wendell Lovett. You can buy his book ‘A Thriving Modernism’ here. Note Wendell’s chair, a design he made in the 60’s. You can purchase them directly from him. Super niche modernist classic, comfortable too.