Seattle Dec 11-13

We’re coming back to Seattle for 6 screenings at the Northwest Film Forum December 11-13. Seattle is part of the Coast Modern story and you’ll witness inspiring scenes and wisdom with architect George Suyama at his home in Seattle. The Coast Modern crew will be taking the train down the coast for the Wednesday shows to take part in some cocktails and Q&A. Can’t wait to see you Seattle!

Winnipeg December 7-9

Excited to share the film with Winnipeg at the Winnipeg Film Group’s Cinematheque this December. Winnipeg has a few connections to the film which give these screenings a little extra sparkle. Winnipeg was home to Wallpaper Magazine founder Tyler Brule, was a significant Modernist playground with direct connections to the Bauhaus as illustrated in Winnipeg Modern which also features photography from CoMo pal Martin Tessler. Co-director Gavin Froome also provided a track for a Balanced Records compilation out of Winnipeg a few years back. There should be a lot of love in the room, book your tickets now Winnipeg!

Burlington VT with JDK

It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally going to meet and share our film with our friends at JDK in Burlington Vermont. JDK are responsible for our identity and lovely blue posters. If you’re a fan of design, branding or pretty much anything visual check out their work. Gavin and Mike will be flying to Vermont after our two shows in NYC at the ADFF to meet and greet the team at JDK and show the film at Merrills Roxy Theatre. Check our Screenings page for showtimes. We’re also looking forward to the after party at the superb looking Cafe Maglianero in Burlington. Burlington looks like a whole lot of good, can’t wait.


We’ll be playing at the 2012 Architecture & Design Film Festival in New York City October 19 & 20 at the Tribeca Cinemas. There will be 2 screenings, Q&A’s and after parties. The CoMo team will be in attendance and we couldn’t be more delighted. Also thrilled to be sharing the screen with the premiere of Design Is One a film about one of our design heroes Massimo Vignelli.

Back from Venice

As soon as we touched down in Venice we bumped into CoMo subject and pal Trevor Boddy jumping onto the vaporetto. We knew we were in for some fun. The film premiered Monday night followed by a poetic Q&A which lead to further conversations throughout the week, what a trip. Imagine Expo 86 but all in the name of architecture and design. Trevor had us on every guest list and we met so many inspiring people between Peggy Guggenheim’s, side street cafes and Prosecco bars. It was incredible to be at a large scale public event filled with design heads and architecture fans. Words really cannot do our 5 days in Venice justice so here are some photos. What a privilege.

La Biennale di Venezia

Coast Modern makes it’s European Premiere at the Venice Biennale Monday August 30th presented in conjunction with Design On Screen. Both directors Gavin Froome and Mike Bernard have been invited and will be attending the screening and Q&A. We’ll be Tweeting throughout our time in Italy and will share more exciting news as we move forward. Salve Italia!

Welcome to Ontario

Our film will be screening in three cities in Ontario between August 25th and September 17th. Super chuffed to have this kind of support from this part of Canada. Multiple dates in Ottawa, Toronto and Waterloo to be exact. Tell all your friends in Ontario to help us get the word out on Twitter & Facebook etc. There should be an article coming up in Azure Magazine out of Toronto so keep an eye out for that too. Looks like we are truly welcome in Ontario.




Montreal Aug 24- Sept 3

4 shows added August 31 – Sept 3 starting tonight at 7:30 PM. Check the Cimema du Parc for details.

We’ll be screening four shows at Cinéma du Parc in Montreal this month and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Montreal has contributed so much in the fields of Canadian art, architecture and design and we are humbled to be screening there. When we first started shooting Coast Modern, we met Abe Rogatnick in Vancouver who had the most incredible art collection we had ever seen. One piece stood out to us and it was an original from Montreal artist Claude Tousignant. This little thread seems to connect our film with Montreal in a way that is hard to describe. Vancouver’s Arthur Erickson studied architecture at McGill in Montreal as well. All the artists and architects of that period were really trying to make the world beautiful. We look forward to sharing our film with the people of Montréal.

Original Claude Tousignant from an early Coast Modern shoot at Abe Rogatnicks’ home.